My Mission

I help people protect their businesses against the adversary through training and strategic consultations.

Information security is not an end to itself. It is about protecting organizations against adversaries who intend to disrupt operations, extort money, steal intellectual property, or inflict other harm on us. Unfortunately, our adversaries are skilled and motivated, so we must be just as skilled and focused to protect our businesses. My job is to help you in that mission.

My Story

My career began as a systems administrator, but security was already on my mind from the beginning. After several years, I moved to working solely in information security. My background includes being a trainer and course author, a penetration tester, performing threat hunting, and working as a security researcher. I managed a team of consultants and was part of growing security consulting company.

I enjoy being involved in the community and helping others in the security field. I have been a co-host on the Security Weekly News podcast for seven years. I also enjoy speaking at conferences and meeting with other security and technology professionals.

I am a strong believer in training and education, whether formal or informal. Reading and testing new technologies out is something I have done throughout my career. I received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from California Lutheran University in 2007. I earned a Graduate Certificate in Penetration Testing from the SANS Technology Institute in 2023. In January 2024, I received the Credential of Readiness (CORe) from Harvard Business School Online, which encompassed financial accounting, economics, and business analytics.

Core Values


Uphold the highest standards of honesty and accountability.


Deliver consistently reliable and transparent services.


See it as it is, not as we wish it was. Ensure that clients are prepared for actual challenges rather than theoretical ones.


Continuously staying ahead of the curve with cutting-edge techniques and methodologies, fostering a culture of innovation.

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