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Protecting your business from intrusions is high pressure and high stakes. Attackers are smart, innovative, and always adapting to security defenses. Criminal groups are putting immense pressure on businesses to prevent their data from being held for ransom.

Keeping your defenses inline with the ever changing security landscape is a significant challenge, but one that is necessary to protecting your business. As an educator, security professional, and researcher, I help bridge the gap between where you are today to where you need your defenses to be.

I help you protect your organization by understanding security risk and take actions that are connected to business outcomes. By receiving clear, actionable insights, you make informed decisions for your organization, setting you on a trajectory not only to safeguard your company but also to elevate your own professional career.

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Security Training

Concise and relevant trainings on security topics that matter most to you, we eliminate the need for exhaustive research through more hands-on practice. Each training is backed with credible resources to ensure you’re equipped for future reference.

Security Strategy

Leadership in the world of security is riddled with challenges, tradeoffs, and pressure. Our Security Strategy consultations are specifically tailored to address these exact pain points.

About Jason Wood

Jason is a highly experienced security professional, instructor, and podcaster. His professional experience covers over 20 years in operations, penetration testing, and threat hunting. He is uniquely positioned to help organizations to protect themselves from attackers of all types. The intrusions he has worked on have run the range from opportunistic criminal motivations to highly targeted intrusions committed by state sponsored attackers.

Jason is a co-host of the Security Weekly News podcast and provides commentary each week on the security news. He enjoys speaking publicly and has spent a number of hours in front of an audience at conferences such as Fal.con, Derbycon, MIRcon, Security BSides, SAINTCON, and others. He has written and taught courses in penetration testing and security operations.


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